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 Bowls and Vases

I make all types of wooden bowls from large salad and fruit bowls to thin, natural edge bowls and vases. The finishes I use are food-safe oil finishes for fruit and salad bowls and sealer and wax for decorative bowls and vases


birchbowl1.jpg (19769 bytes)

Spalted birch natural edge bowl

24  x 14 cm

birchbowl2.jpg (29282 bytes)

Birch burr 

natural edge


34 x 20 cm

birchvase1.jpg (15180 bytes)

Birch burr

 natural edge vase

16 x 10 cm


walnutvase1.jpg (16850 bytes)

Walnut natural edge vase

15 x15 cm



holmoakbowl1.jpg (27613 bytes)

Holm oak burr bowl

34  x 18 cm


LargeSycamoreBowl.jpg (24690 bytes)

Sycamore bowl 

47 x 27 cm

BurrElmBowl.jpg (15610 bytes)

Elm burr

Natural edge


30 x 8 cm


SpaltedAshBowl.jpg (13706 bytes)


Ash bowl

 34 x 14 cm

CherryNatEdgeBowl.jpg (14470 bytes)

Cherry natural-edge bowl

19.5 x 12 cm


cherrybowl2.jpg (12045 bytes)

Cherry fruit bowl

29  x  9 cm


Sumach natural edge vase



natural edge Vase

20 x 10 cm


burr elm winged bowl

Burr elm 

winged bowl

30 x 6 cm


sycamore lattice bowl



Lattice bowl

24 x 6 cm



Item 72


Slatted Vase

15 x 39 cm


Lattice bowl

46  x 6 cm



Root bowl

43 x 37cm


Ebonised Sycamore

Slatted Vase

16 x 39 cm




Natural edge Bowl

13 x 7 cm



 Holm oak lattice bowl
27x 4 cm


Spalted beech vase

16  x 71cm



Holm oak burr natural edge bowl

61 x 42 cm



 Holm oak lattice bowl
32 x 7 cm




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